Atatürk has passed away on duty while in the prime of life. However, his remains will take their place on the pages of history as the legend of bravery. He has created his masterpiece as a warrior and a statesman. Unlike most leaders keeping their ruling positions by sword, he has put away his sword after he won the victory. One should clearly understand his deeds: A demolished state, a corrupt army, a desperate nation without hope!

Yet, after defeating all armies opposing him, Atatürk has dictated the national Turkish State to those he defeated at Lausanne in 1923. Atatürk had realised the fact that he had much more important missions after he had defined the borders of his state. He has left behind a westernized modern state.

The understanding of wearing a hat and leaving behind the Arabic alphabet to use the new Turkish alphabet, for which he has personally teached, may be seen as ordinary things. However, these are the most important features of the new state’s policy of peace compared to the former warrior spirit of the Turks. Atatürk has solved the problems of Montreaux and Hatay, entered on an energetic reformist action, created industry and railroads.

Berlinske Tidence Newspaper

The leader of Turkey, Atatürk, has accomplished the unexpected and created a strong country out of Turkey, known as the “Sick Man”.

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Atatürk was the gigantic symbol of personality and talent. He was the man who created the most extraordinary occasion of the twentieth century. He transformed the semi eastern, Caliph oriented, religion powered nation into a modern, secular and national state. This meant leaving oriental and spiritual symbolic roots behind to achieve radical developments.

Atatürk’s foreign policy will remain as an example in history. He made friendly aggreements to sort out foreign debts, reconstructed the channel’s matters and solved Hatay problem without entering a war.

Within many reformist movements, Atatürk has gained a new standard of life to the Workers and has left behind a strong Turkey that will always follow his footsteps.

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Atatürk’s masterpiece will remain in history forever.


The man who created the most glamorous occasion of the twentieth century.

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