It is only natural that the two nations are in grief because of the death of the Turkish Chief.

Etnika Nea Newspaper

Our friend Turkey is preparing to pay its final respect to its founder and creator.


Before his death, Atatürk has finished his task to create a strong, young and hard working Turkey that is admired and respected by everyone.

Elenikon Mellon Newspaper

We accepted the fact that he was not an ordinary man and that we had not been able to understand his creative power after he threw away the English, the French and the Italian from Anatolia and defeated us.(1938)

Yorgi Pesmazoğlu, Greek Minister of Economics

Each country will make statues of great men that brought victory, well being and happiness to their nation. However, Turkey will have to excavate and look for a distinguished stone in the mountains to carve Atatürk’s statue. Because Turkey had the previlage to have such a distincted leader that all the world looked on in envy and admiration. The death of this great man is not only a loss for Turkey, but for the whole civilized world.


Atatürk was in search for the roots of the Turks. Turks have always been influenced by the positive or negative theories of foreign historians. Kemal Atatürk has given the Turkish Nation a rank of nobility that all countries in the world would envy. For the forthcoming generations, only his era would be enough for them to be proud of their past.

A. V. Daskalavis, Greek Historian

We, the Royal Government, the Hellenic Nation and I personally share the national mourning of our friend and ally Turkey. Greece has decided to show its deepest sympathy to this noble and friendly nation in their most difficult time. While remembering the Great Chief, the brave soldier and the creator of Turkey in respect, Greece will never forget the fact that President Kemal Atatürk has been the founder of Turkish-Greek peace and cooperation. Greece will always keep the meaningful memory of the Great Deliverer that changed the fate of the noble Turkish Nation.

General Metaksas, Prime Minister of Greece, 1938

“Atatürk’s only feature and fame is not his shiny sword. Things he did in peace expressed the strength of his determination and the brilliance of his ideas. A development such this great has not been achieved since the time of Peter the Great. Atatürk has managed to create a young, strong and determined Turkey that knows where to go in only 16 years.

Akropolis Newspaper

No one has ever done what Atatürk has done in Turkey anywhere. Neither Cavour, nor Cromwell, nor Washington... No one has done what he has done and no one has found what he has found. The new generation that he created according to his principles will surely continue in his path.

Tipos Newspaper

Plutarque has written the biographies of many heros in history. He believes the greatest success and happiness a man can ever reach in life is to be remembered by other nations of the world in respect and mourning at the time of death and he states that this has been achieved by only a few men in ancient history. Had Atatürk lived before the time of Plutarque, we would definitely be among those happy people. The Turkish Nation has cried for the days for Atatürk like a real father who had given life or actually given back life. Being loved and mourned after this much is an exception in the nations' history of the world.

Athinaika, Athens, 12th November 1938