Budapest, 20.00 hrs. Hungarian News Agency Announcement: Prime Minister Imredi has ordered that Monday, 21th November, which is the burrial ceremony day for Atatürk, is to be a national mourning day and all official buildings throughout the country are to raise black flags. Ministry of Defence and the Mayor of Budapest have also decided accordingly and all military buildings and the buildings of the municipality are to be black-flagged. The mayor also called for the people to put black flags on the windows of their homes.

Nazmetti Ujsang Newspaper, Budapest, 1938

The chief of the new Turkish Nation holds a distinguished place among the modern statesmen. His mission was the most critical one and he has been azamingly successful. This success has been achieved by his character of steel and irresistable determination.

His death cannot be called the fall of Turkey because the young generation is eager to continue on the road their chief has opened for them.

Ujmagyar Newspaper, Budapest, 1938

He has been the first man in this century to prove this reality: “Nothing is impossible.”

Old Usjag, Hungary

The world should feel the poorer for the death of this great man and hero of both at war and at peace.

Pester Loyd, Budapest

The world has felt the poorer for the death of this great man and hero of both at war and at peace periods. It is Atatürk who broke the chains of the victors of the war with his Power, determination and courage.

Pester Loyd Newspaper

Atatürk’s country gained everything suddenly whatever revolutions and reforms can give, whereas this takes a long time in the west. He has left so many deep traces in Turkish life that this is an achievement that can be witnessed in the west in a century.

Prof. Dr. Fekete Lajos

I resemble Turkey as a bee hive and all the Turks as bees looking for honey. Turkish nation has gathered around Mustafa Kemal today, just like the bees gathering and working around the queen bee.

Prof. M. Zajti Franes