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I am proud to attend to the 25th Anniversary of the Memorial Ceremony of Atatürk’s death. Atatürk reminds us of many things. The historical success of great leaders of this century, leadership that inspires the Turkish Nation, the supreme vision of the modern world, and as a soldier, high determination and bravery.

The birth of the Turkish Nation from the ruins of a collapsing empire, New Turkey’s decleration of its freedom and independance in honour and protecting it since then are the work of Atatürk and his Nation. There is no doubt that the revolutions he has carried out in his country shows how the trust of a nation brings success. There is no other example like this.

John F. Kennedy, President of U.S.A. 10th November 1963

I am sorry in two ways. First of all, I, like all the world, am sorry for such a great man to pass away. Secondly, no matter how much I wanted to get to know him personally, it is now impossible for me to do that.

Franklin ROOSVELT, President of U.S.A. 10th November 1963

He was one of the greatest leaders of our age as a soldier and as a statesman. He has made Turkey take its deserved place among the most developed countries of the world. He has given the Turks the feelings of confidence and endurance. I am proud of myself for being one of Atatürk’s loyal friends.

McARTHUR, General

“I have just received the news about Kemal. Someone who knew him personally has passed me the news. While I was in discussion with the Soviet Russian Minister of Foreign affairs Litvinof about the recognition of the Soviet Socialist Government, I had asked who was the most remarkable statesman of Europe for him. He answered promptly saying that the most remarkable stasetman of Europe didn’t live in Europe; this statesman was definitely Mustafa Kemal, the President of Turkish Republic.”

Hearing this from a brilliant statesman like Litvinof, who I believe is the most remarkable one of his kind after Disraeli who was once in charge of the United Kingdom, I thought these words were of great importance.

Franklin D. Rooswelt, President of U.S.A., 1928

“Dinner parties given to a hundred people were no different than the ones given in European capitals. However, the ones given in the Turkish Republic made them more glamourous compared to the Europeans' because of the solid gold tableware used that were the remainings of 2nd Mahmut (1808-1839). Apart from all, Mustafa Kemal is a serious warrior. He is strong, confident, thoughtful, hard and straightforward. However, on that night, he was a kind and gentle statesman as well as a perfect President. Every Ambassador that night felt honoured to be there with him.”

General Charles Sherill, Former Ambassador of U.S.A. to Ankara, Turkey

It should not be forgotten that Kemal has shown a brilliant strategy at Dumlupınar and has succeeded in making use of the Turkish forces that were less in number.

What the Greek army faced is an exceptionally rare defeat that only a few occupying armies have witnessed in history.

General Charles Sherill, Former Ambassador of U.S.A.

He won Lausanne; the first victory Old Asia has won over Europe win in two centuries.

New York Times

One of the most attentive and attractive men has passed away from the stage of the world.

Chicago Tribune

He was one of the most talented leaders of the post war period.

New York Times

There is a proof of perfect leadership in his dominant eyes. His thick eyebrows never stay still. They rise to high, intellectual peaks and get crossed suddenly to form indescribable cracks on his forehead. He has a fare skin, tanned. He is not a brunette. His hair is blondish brown. The clean cut features of his mouth and chin show his certainity in his decisions. He is always alert, straightforward and very intelligent.

Gladys Baker, American Journalist

The American Government is in a deep sorrow because of Atatürk’s death. This sorrow is not limited to the Turkish Nation and their borders. It expands widely.

Kordel HALL, Secretary of State, U.S.A.

This Turkish man, admired by the whole world, has made the Turkish people proud of themselves, their history and their language. For the future of his nation, he has generated such a great power that has not been generated in the past several centuries.

General C. H. SHERILL, Former American Ambassador

Mustafa Kemal has achieved success mainly because of his endless patience.

Charles H. SHERILL, Former American Ambassador

Atatürk’s devotion to his country was highly respected by the whole world.

F. D. ROOSVELT, President of the U.S.A.

America admires the determination, courage and the results of Atatürk’s deeds that many people can never achieve.

American Press