Ankara – The 100th Year Sports History Museum

The 100 th Year Sports History Museum opened on the upper floor of the Atatürk Sports Hall on the 100 th anniversary of birth of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Cups, silt, plaques, medals and other presents won in the national competitions given by the federations which show activities in 24 branches, are collected in the Sports History Museum.

987 pieces including cups, silt medals, plaques and other presents and rewards are exhibited in the museum.
Football : In the football section of the museum there are 140 pieces of rewards including cups, silt, plaques, vases, sugar sups and various presents, won in the national competitions.

Sky : A collection of cups, silt, plaques and medals is presented.

Sailing : 4 cups, 3 silts, 1 medal are presented.

Rowing : 3 cups, 1 silt, 1 medal are presented.

Taek-won-do : 4 cups won in the international competitions are presented.

Volleyball : A collection of the International Tourney, The Balkan Championship and Spring cups is presented.

Boks : Various cups and siltler won in the international competitions are exhibited.

Tennis : Rewards of the girls team and the mixed team won in the Islamic Countries Sports Activities (1980) are presented.

Marksmanship : Various silt and cups belong to the rifling guns Turkey Championship are presented.

Besides these, the rewards, won in various competitions by our worldwide famous and rewarded sportsmen, surch as Ahmet AYIK, Ali Rıza ALAN, Muharrem CANDAŞ, Nasuh AKAR, Mahmut ATALAY, Ali ERBAŞ, Hasan GEMİCİ, Hasan GÜNGÖR, Müzahir SİLLE, Yaşar YILMAZ, Sırrı ACAR, Bayram SİT, Tevfik KIŞ, Mustafa DAĞISTANLI, Rıza DOĞAN and İsmet ATLI, form the rich collection of the museum.