Ankara – The Atatürk Museum In The Atatürk Model Farm

Documentary sources indicate that Atatürk was born in Thessaloniki in 1881 in a three-storey building on Ishahhane Caddesi in the Koca Kasım Pasha district. Today it is the building numbered 75 on Apostolu Pavlu Setreet in the Aya Dimitriya district. A marble plaque, which reads "Atatürk was born in this house", was put on the house by the Salonika municipality in 1933 as a mark of the Turk-Greek Friendship on the 10 th anniversary of the faundation of the Turkish Republic. Later, in 1937, the house was bought from the owner and was presented to the Turkish Consulate in Salonika. After some restoration work in 1950, the building was made into a museum and ceremonially opened to the public on November 10 th, 1953.

As proof of the Turkish people's respect for Atatürk, a replica of this house was erected in Ankara on the grounds of the Model Farm that Atatürk himself had established. The House's foundations were laid by Bülent Ulusu, the Prime Minister of the time, on 19 th May 1980 and was opened to the public by the President Kenan Evren on 10 th November 1981 during the ceremonies celebrating Atatürk's hundredth birthday. The size of the building and the proportions and the arrangement of the interior furnishing match exactly the originals in Thessaloniki.

The house is a three-storey building. The entrance on the ground floor leads to a small hall. The first room on the right is a storeroom and the second is a kitchen. On the left, the first room is the servant's room and the second is a hall containing the stairs leading to the first floor.
The stairs lead to a spacious hall that has a wooden ceiling. This hall is flanked by Zübeyde Hanım's room, a guest room and a kitchen. There is also a door from the hall into the garden.

The third floor is also reached by the stairs leading from the ground floor. Here, there is a hall similar but smaller to that on the second floor. On this floor are Atatürk's study, bedroom and bathroom, each decorated with articles of Atatürk's property brought from Anıtkabir.