Ankara – The Girls Technical Education Institute Museum

The Girls Technical Education Institute in Ankara had started its educational and instructional work in a small building in Maltepe on 1 st November, 1958; after some time,it continued its activity in Ersan apartment in Sakarya Street, Kızılay; and since the activities of the school has widened, it has been continuing its function in its present building near the "Radiohouse" and it is one of the original works of the architecture of the Republic Period.

The Museum which opened in the school building on 24 th November 1981, has the purpose of passing the Turkish handcrafts which are exhausting and losing its quality, to the furture generations and is composed of two big and one small saloons.

934 etnographical pieces which exist in the museum collected from different parts of Anatolia, included in the collection. Apart from glass, copper and iron objects and accessories, bindallı (velvet dress embroidered with, silver or golden thread), napkins, waiststrings, embroidered small money bags, pinkings, cloth and stocking samples are among the exhibited pieces.

The museum provides advantage to take the old Turkish handcrafts as example, in producing things in clothing, sırma (work with gold or silver thread), embroidery, traditional Turkish handwork, color embroidery, machine embroidery, textile, fashion, flower making ceramic serigraphy, painting, doll and folkloric doll making, feeding treatment and house managing studios in the school. For the production of the embroidery studios, napkins, handkerchiefs, waist-strings and kerchiefs are being inspirated for the designs, colors and tecnique. Also the selected examples of old Turkish dresses in the collection are used as models, to draw designs and make folkloric and other dolls in the clothing studios.