Ankara – The Monument of The Sakarya Martyrs

The Sakarya Victory which has been accepted as a turning point of the Independence War, was made real by the thousands of Turks who had given their lives for their motherland and had reached the martydom degree in Sakarya, between 23 rd August 13 rd September, 1921. The works for constructing a monument for the Sakarya martyrs was started long time ago. The Şehitlerkaşı Hill, in the north of the municipalty boundary of the Polatlı county, was found appropriate for the monument and an area of 343.410 m², 42.240 m² of it for the cemetrey, was assigned for this purpose.

The foundation of the monument was laid on 13 th September, 1971 which is the date of the 50 th anniversary of the Sakarya Victory and it was opened on 28 th October, 1973 which is the 50th anniversary of the Republic.

The monument symbolizing the memories of the Sakarya martyrs, stands above the old, modest Sakarya Martyrdom which is on the Şehitlerkaşı Hill. It is possible from this hill to see the most part of the land where the war was led

The monument of the Sakarya martyrs is composed of three parts, namely the body itself, statues and a museum.
Starting from an altitude of 915 m above the sea level, a stairway of 420 steps goes up to an altitude of 970 m where the body stands. The columns on both sides of this way, express the victory in spite of the superior enemy forces. Those forty-two pairs of concrete columns mark the days and nights passed from breasting the enemy till the defeat.

At the end of the stepped way, the museum and reliefs expressing the story of the Turkish army's victory are exist.
Photographs, documents and various arms documenting the Sakarya War are being exhibited in the museum.