Ankara - The Museum of Professional Education Faculty of Gazi University

A museum was established quietly by a group of idealist teachers after long and wearisome endevours. This museum is of etnographic origin, and was opened as a dedication to the 50th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic within the body of Kız Öğretmen Okulu (the High Technical Teachers School For Girls).

Most of the works of the museum are provided by Kız Teknik Yüksek Öğretmen Okulu (by Kenan Özbel and Tevhide Serav in control of the Director Bakiye Koray) after various excursions through Anatolia. Artefacts of high value, newly made in about 50 schools are also included among these works.
The artefacts of the museum comprising almost a thousand works in its body can be classified as the following:

1- Garments (Bindallı, üç etek, cepken, shalvar)
2- Embroideries (Embroidered kerchieves, napkings, headkerchieves, wais strings, table mets, and mirror ceverings)
3- Jewellery (Silver belts, headgears, necklaces, carrings and sabots)
4- Socks
5- Cotton clothes
6- Pinkings (Needle Works)
7- embroidered coin begs

Some artefacts are of equivalent value with the ones in the Topkapı Museum are unique regarding its characteristic specialities, and are small but important unit working seriously with its own rules giving a noteworthy service to young people on art training, as a laboratory.