Ankara - The Railway Museums

The TCDD'S Open Air Steam Locomotive Museum

The museum has been founded on a land of 12600 square metres at the Ankara Station area.
Various types of 10 discarded steam locomotives are exhibited here.

The Railway Museum And Art Gallery

The Building which was constucted in 1924 and has a historical value is two floor stone construction of which each floor is 340 m.
It was strongly believed in the necessity of protecting the building and making use of it as a museum, and it has been restored being faithful to the original characteristics of the building.

Information, a reception, an office (to allocate to the tenant who rents the gallery), a slide and exposition room and exhibition units are situated at the entrance floor.

The exhibition units are designed to be multifunctional in a manner to make it possible for the exhibition of such works as paintings, sculptures, handcrafts.
All the articles such as chandeliers, armchairs etc. on the exhibition and museum floor have been collected from various divisions of the TCDD Organization.
The paintings and pieces such as money bags, sanitary instruments, tickets, bonds, cabinets, silver and glassware, communication equipment track measurement instruments, operation and track lanterns, steam locomotive parts narrating the history of railways are exhibited on the first floor used as museum.

The works are still going on to interlink the past to the future and to inherit the knowledge about the past history of railways in the most easy and sound manner to the next generations.