Savarona Picture Gallery

Savarona Picture Gallery

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The Atatürk Suite
The Upper Deck Lobby
The Bosphorus Lounge
The Savarona Suite

The Suites

The 17 individual suites represent the essence of The Savarona; timeless elegance with modern design. State-of-the-art technology and contemporary furnishings complement colourful Turkish and Asian antiques, providing guests with unsurpassable comfort.

The Cinema Room
Antique Statue

The Turkish Bath

The "Hamam" is a traditional Turkish bath, which was used by the Sultan during the period of the Ottoman Empire. The Savarona "Hamam" is one of the most majestic of its size ever built, and took twelve craftsmen one year to create from raw marble.

Over 65 tonnes of marble was used in the construction of the "Hamam" and authentic marble fountains and basins over 200 years old were brought from Anatolia (mainland Turkey), to compliment the beautiful marble workmanship performed by the master craftsmen.

The "Hamam" covers an area of 80 m2 (860 square feet), and includes a separate steam room, sauna and changing rooms which are discretely concealed in the corner areas of the "Hamam" Turkish bath.

The Sun Deck
The Boat Deck Jacuzzi
Shelter Deck Outdoor Dining
Shelter Deck Outdoor Dining
Water Pursuits
The Medical Center
Gymnasium and Training Center
The Antiques Showcase
Stained Glass Ceiling
The Shelter Deck Sauna and Jacuzzi
The Swan Dining Room
The Sultan Coffee House
The Brass Staircase

The Savarona staircase is a true work of art extending 86 metres (282 feet), from the shelter deck to the upper deck, formed and hand beaten from solid brass. Twenty traditionally trained metal craftsmen recreated this stairway using the few remaining remnants, which existed from the original Savarona balustrade brass work.

The stairway and its landings are decorated with numerous antiques that have been carefully and painstakingly selected and purchased by Mrs. Julide Sadikoğlu, the owner's wife from world renowned auction houses, Sotheby's and Christies.

A wonderfully ornate stained glass ceiling covers the stairway, flooding colored beams of light during the day. By night the lighting is designed to accentuate the art works and craftsmanship of the stairway, creating a focal point which be viewed by guests from the main lounge.