Sultan V. Murad Han


Father : Sultan Abdülmecid
Mother : Şevkefza Sultan
Date of Birth : September 21, 1840
Accession to the Throne : May 30, 1876
Date of Dethronement : August 31, 1876
Death : August 29, 1904

As he was the first born prince of Sultan Abdülmecid, there was joy at the palace at his birth, and rejoicings continued for days. He was beautiful, lovable, good tempered and quick witted in his childhood. With the will of his father, he was educated well in the Western style. He was skilled in the Turkish language and learned Arabic and French as well. He had a special interest in fine arts. He painted well, and played the piano. He composed beautifull works in the light Western music style.

He participated in the journey of Sultan Abdülaziz to Europe and had the chance of closely observing the West when he was still a young prince. He liked to join in scholarly discussions, participated in the arguments and was some-times present in the gatherings of Ziya Paşa, Namık Kemal and their colleagues. He could probably be deemed as the first example in the dynasty to defend ideas favoring freedom and constitutional government. It is said that he had prepared a small-scale draft Constitution. He had prepared himself for state administration by involving himself in such studies at his summer house at Kurbağalı Dere.

Although he was very well prepared for being in power, his sovereignty lasted for only 93 days. He was dethroned due to his illness and ordered to reside at the Çırağan Palace. Ali Suavi’s raid at the Çırağan Palace was an inconclusive attempt for the re-enthronement of Sultan Murad V.

Sultan Murad was of medium height, had a fair complexion and was good tempered. He got a very good education and prepared himself for state administration. His health prevented him to fulfill this duty. After his dethronement he wrote poetry, composed music and had a long life.