Sultan II. Mustafa Han


Father : Sultan IV. Mehmed
Mother : Emetullah Rabia
Gülnûş Sultan
Date of Birth : June 5, 1664
Accession to the Throne : February 6, 1695
Date of Dethronement : August 23, 1703
Death : January 8, 1704

Sultan Mustafa was born in Edirne in 1664. He received a good education. He was enthroned in 1595 at the age of 31 as the 22. Sovereign. When he took over state administration, his first words announced his intentions of making conquests like his ancestors and going to war at the head of his armies, for regaining the lost territories.

During the first days of his reign, Kastron Island was taken back from the Venetians with the “Sheep Islands” victory. This victory raised Sultan Mustafa is morale and has arisen confidence in the state. While, however, the state was busy with the Kastron Island, Russia found the opportunity to start massing troops at the Azof Fortress. The soldiers at the Fortress who were left without support and necessaries, had been forced to surrender in the end. The Sovereign mobilized his army to Austria in June 1695. Following some inconsequential victories, the Petervarad Treaty, which was deemed a significant turning point for the state, was signed.

Sultan Mustafa had a heavy build. He had a fair complexion, a thin nose, hazel eyes and a blond beard. He was taught by expert educationalists, got interest in the art of calligraphy and became an excellent calligrapher. He hated lies and awarded honesty. For him, knowledge and knowledgable people were important. He liked talking with scholars who were his proteges. Moreover, he was a good poet and wrote his poetry under the pseudonym of İkbali.