Sultan II. Mustafa Han
06.02.1695 The death of Sultan Ahmed II.
The accession of Sultan Mustafa II to the throne at a ceremony in Edirne.
09.02.1695 Sultan Mustafa II sends an imperial order to the Grand Vizier that he intends to head the army to the current state of war against the Austrians.
18.02.1695 The victory of Koyun Adalari which enables the recapture of the islands of Sakiz.
02.05.1695 The dismissal of Sürmeli Ali Pasa Elmas Mehmed Pasa takes over.
30.06.1695Mustafa II leaves Edirne for the military campaign of Austria.
09.09.1695 The capture of Lip and Lipve-Lippa.
18.09.1695 The naval victory of Zeytinburnu.
The extermination of the navy of Venice.
22.09.1695 The siege of Lugas, south of Lippa.
Victory of Lugas.
28.09.1695The army leaves to return to Istanbul.
13.10.1695 The victory of Azak.
The fortress is saved from the Russians.
18.11.1695 The army reaches Edirne.
20.04.1696Sultan Mustafa II leaves the army head quarters of Davudpasa to start his second military campaign.
18.06.1696 Sultan Mustafa II leaves Edirne for the campaign.
06.08.1696 The fortress of Azak falls into the hands of the enemy.
08.08.1696 Sultan Mustafa II arrives in Beograd.
27.08.1696 Victory of Olaseh (Ulas).
The return of the Sultan from the military campaign.
31.08.1696 The army enters Tamisvar after the victory.
Koca Cafer Pasa is appointed as the protector of Beograd.
25.09.1696The army and the Sultan arrive in Edirne.
28.09.1696Sultan Mustafa II leave Beograd to return to Istanbul.
17.06.1697 The third military campaign of Sultan Mustafa II.
The army council meets in Beograd with the presence of the Sultan and the commanders of the army.
11.09.1697 The disaster of the army at Zenta falling into panic while crossing the bridge of Tisa near Erdel.
12.09.1697 All the war materials of the Ottomans fall into the hands of the Austrians and Elmas Mehmed Pasa, the Grand Vezir is martyrised.
18.09.1697 Amcazade Hüseyin Pasa becomes the Grand Vezir.
17.10.1697 The palace of Bosnia burns down.
20.10.1698The envoy of the Ottomans leave from Beograd for Karlofça.
26.01.1699The peace agreement of Karlofça.
14.07.1700Peace deal between Russia and the Ottomans.
03.12.1701 The fire of Bedesten.
04.09.1702 Amcazade Hüseyin Pasa resigns from post.
Daltaban Mustafa Pasa takes his place.
24.01.1703 The dismissal of Daltaban Mustafa Pasa and Rami Mehmed Pasa is appointed as the Grand Vezir.
22.08.1703 The event of Edirne.
The dethronement of Sultan Mustafa II.
The enthronement of Sultan Ahmed III.