Sultan II. Süleyman Han


Father : Sultan İbrahim
Mother : Saliha Dilâşub Sultan
Date of Birth : April 15, 1642
Accession to the Throne : November 8, 1687
Death : June 22, 1691

He was enthroned as the twentieth sovereign, after the dethronement of Sultan IV. Mehmed on November 8, 1687. His life as a prince was spent at the palaces in İstanbul and Edirne. As he was kept under supervision for a long time. He received a good education, read religious books and spent his days praying.

In this period also, the dualism of power at the palace and the struggle between the group who wanted the preivous sovereign to remain on the throne and the group who has succeeded in enthroning Süleyman II, caused unease among the soldiers. The turmoil grew due to lack of money in the treasury for the distribution of enthronement gratuities. Gold and silverware therefore, gathered from the private palace treasury and the pantry were sent to the mint for coining. The new coins were distributed to soldiers and the disorder was thus settled.

The event during this period which worried the state and gave great sorrow to Sultan Süleyman and caused him to weep, was the loss of Kanije Fortress after 158 years of domination. The conquest of the Beograde Fortress immediately afterwards, calmed down this sorrow somewhat.

Sultan Süleyman was of medium height, and a fat man with fair complexion, a flat nose and a dense beard. He was a good natured, mild person. When he was enthroned, he pointed out his purpose “of serving his people by saying. Let us serve the people” and try to please human beings.