Sultan IV. Mehmed


Father : Sultan İbrahim
Mother : Hatice Turhan Sultan
Date of Birth : January 2, 1642
Accession to the Throne : August 8, 1648
Date of Dethronement : November 8, 1687
Death : January 6, 1693

He was born in İstanbul. As there were no sons to sustain the dynasty other than his father Sultan İbrahim, his birth has arisen great joy and there was public rejoicings for three days and three nights. He was enthroned as a child at the age of 7 due to the illness of his father Sultan İbrahim. The sword regiment procession at Eyüp Sultan was held as a small scale ceremony in order not to scare the little Sultan. Since there were insufficient funds in the treasury, gratuities were paid to the janissary corps out of the enforceably collected money.

There occurred some loosening in the state administration during this period and the era of “Masters Dominion” started in our history. Activation of guilds which found the medium convenient and the delay in the payment of cavalry gratuities, gave rise to crisis and rebellion in İstanbul. There occurred risings named as Yeni Cami (Sultanahmed Mosque) rebellions, which continued for days.

With the support of his mother, Sultan Mehmed designated Köprülü Mehmed Paşa as Grand Vezir, thus ensuring the strengthening of the state and initiating the “Köprülüler Erai”. Sovereignty period of Sultan Mehmed IV who is recorded in history as “Mehmed the Hunter” could be divided as follows:

Childhood Period: State administration was in the hands of Kösem Sultan and the masters.

Köprülüler Period: Crete was conquered and he personally took part in the war. Territory and boundaries extended to Central Hungary.

The period when the state shrunk again after the Vienna rout and interior disorders started .

Sultan Mehmed who was enthroned when he was a child and remained in power for the longest period after Sultan Süleyman (the Lawgiver), was of medium height, with a fair complexion and sparse beard. He had a bent structure due to frequent horse riding. He was a very well educated person and a good poet. He was also an excellent horseman and loved hunting.