Sultan İbrahim Han


Father : Sultan I. Ahmed
Mother : Kösem Sultan (Mahpeyker)
Date of Birth : November 4, 1615
Accession to the Throne : February 9, 1640
Date of Dethronement : August 8, 1648
Murdered : August 18, 1648

He was enthroned on February 8, at the age of 25 as the eighteen Sovereign upon the death of his brother Murad IV. He led a very disciplined life at the palace during his princedom and was grown up in fears due to the murder of his brothers.

With the execution of the Kasr-ı Şirin Treaty, the disturbances at the eastern boundaries of the state had ended with the initiation of a peace period before his reign. At the West, relationships with Austria have been regulated with the amendment of the previously signed Zitvatorog Treaty with 9 Supplementary Articles. Thus, the state was out of war both in the East and the West for a short period.

Significant actions were taken for ensuring the domestic peace and the recovery of the state finance. Efforts were made for strengthening the treasury by lowering coin carat without monetizing, and through fair tax collection.

Sultan İbrahim was of medium height, with a thin face and fair complexion. He had a dense beard and a thin moustache. He used to wear a robe of honor and plumes.