Sultan I. Mustafa


Father : Sultan III. Mehmed
Mother : (Name not found in historical records)
Date of Birth : Hegira 1000 (A.D. 1591/1592)
Accession to the Throne : November 22, 1617
Date of Dethronement : February 26, 1618
Death : January 1639

He was born when his father was a Provincial Governor in Manisa. Upon the early death of his brother Ahmed I, was enthroned on November 22, 1617.

His first reign lasted for three months (97 days). Sultan Mustafa was re-accessed to the throne on May 20, 1622 upon the murder of Osman II. His second reign lasted for one year and four months.

He was unhealthy due to the life he led at the Palace during his princedom. He could not then, get the opportunity of dealing with state problems. Internal state affairs were confused and wars continued in the East and the West. As was the custom in the enthronement of every sovereign, gratuities were distributed to the janissary corps and the soldiers at the enthronement ceremonies of Mustafa also, who was accessed to the throne as the fifteenth sovereign. Although the lifeguardsmen of the Jannissaries received their graduities, they opposed the sovereignty or Mustafa I.

Sultan Mustafa was a thin person of light build with pale complexion and a beautiful face. He had sparse beard. His large, black eyes had a faded look. He spent most of his life at Üsküdar and Davutpaşa Palace.