Sultan I. Ahmed


Father : Sultan III. Mehmed
Mother : Handan Sultan
Date of Birth : April 18, 1590
Accession to the Throne : December 21, 1603
Death : November 22,1617

Sultan Ahmed was enthroned as the fourteenth sovereign. He broke the old tradition and did not murder his brother Prince Mustafa. When he took over the responsibility of the dominion at a young age, the state was at war with Persia in the East and Austria in the West. The siege of Revan in Persia did not succeed and the state had to leave Ghence and Shirvan to Persia. The attack to Austria which was organized with the purpose of conquering Hungary was suspended with the signing of the “Zitvatorog” Peace Treaty in November 1606 between the parties.

Durig his sovereignty, a major domestic issue which has preoccupied the state was the Celali Rebellions. Together with his Vezir Kuyucu Murad Paşa, he tried to prevent the mobilization of Cambulatoğlu and other rebels against the state. In spite of his young age, he was able to take and implement during decisions. He was not known to and liked by the public because he avoided their company. His excessively economical attitude and insufficient distribution of gratuities to soldiers has caused unease in the army also. During his reign, he prevented the haremis, the Sultanais involvement in state affairs, and protected the state from the struggles for sovereignty. Together with his Grand Vezir Kuyucu Murad Paşa, he prohibited the consumption of alcoholic drinks in the country and punished contrary behaviour severely.

Sultan Ahmed worked like a labourer at the construction of the mosque, one of the major works of Ottoman Architecture named after him, and carried earth in the skirts of his garment. The sovereign who was very intelligent, received a good education and matured in young age. He had a fair complexion, was of medium height and had a smiling face.