Sultan III. Mehmed Han


Father : Sultan Murad III
Mother : Safiye Sultan
Date of Birth : May 26, 1566
Accession to the Throne : January 27, 1595
Death : December 22, 1603

Sultan Mehmed III was accessed to the Ottoman throne as the thirteenth Sovereign. He was born in Manisa. He received a good education under the supervision and influence of his mother. He was taught history and social sciences by the renown historian of the period, Hodja Sadeddin; and received his religious training from scholars of religion. He was grown as a pious person and an honest prince.

At the time of his enthronement, the Ottoman State had reched its maximum boundaries and was an expansive empire extending over 3 continents. The war with Austria which had starteed in 1593 was still continuing then. Conquest of Hungary was completed and it was resolved to mobilize against Walachia. Western States who calculated that the Turks would mobilize to Vienna, planned a new crusade against this mobilization. Estergon Fortress was lost due to incapable commanders-in-chief and indecision. Upon this defeat, Sultan Mehmed decided for the Eğri mobilization in order to start the tradition of the Sovereigns participation in war at the head of the army. The legendary victory of the army under the command of Tiryaki Hasan Paşa has been entered in historical records as the “Kanije Defense”. When Sultan Mehmed returned to İstanbul wit this victory, he was met as the Kanije Conqueror and rejoicings were made in his honor.

Domestically, Sultan Mehmed dealt with the Celali Uprisings whi, for some time had continued to threaten the steti. The issue grew to the extent of necessitating a mobilization of the army in order to annihilate the ringleaders; and the state was annoyed with these uprisings for some time. The Cavalry Corps in İstanbul mobilized against the Janissaries and a Bullying Uprising was experienced. The Sove-reign implemented his decision to reach a political agreement with the rebels in order to give an end to the uprisings.

Sovereign Mehmed III was of medium height with fair complexion, blond hair and a round beard. He was a well educated person and a good poet. His most conspicuous personality traits were sensitivity, good will and honesty. His weak point, on the other hand, was being under the influence of his mother Safiye Sultan, especially in handling state issues.