Sultan III. Murad Han


Father: Sultan II. Selim
Mother: Nur Banu Sultan
Date of Birth: 1546
Accession to the Throne: December 22. 1574
Death: January 16. 1 595

He was born in 953 A.H. (1546 A.D.). His accession to the throne was in 982 A.H. (1574 A.D.). During his reign the treasury was improved and the army, government offices and educational institutions were reorganized. The state became powerful and edicts were issued to the provinces and tributary states. Those who refused to comply were brought to their knees.

Murad III was a pious man who Ied a Iife in accordance with the tenets of the Sharia. He embraced humility and avoided sin. He enjoyed the conversation of scholars and theologians, and on holy nights he used to pray to God for the goodwill of his people.

His complexion was of a reddish white hue. He was tall and his shoulders and body were well proportioned. His forehead was broad and wide, his arms muscular. He was truly a man whose inner qualities as well as outer appearance gave evidence of a saintly and pure character.

His turban was wrapped around a magnificent and high mücevveze, similar to that of the Abbasid Caliphs. Like his ancestors, he devoted himself to the protection and improvement of the Ottoman institutions and administration. Since he inclined towards mysticism, he used to respect religious orders and their leaders.