Sultan Yıldırım Beyezid Han


Father: Sultan 1. Murad
Mother: Gülçiçek Hatun
Date of Birth: 1360
Accession to the Throne: 1389
Death: Narch 8, 1403

Bayezid was born in 761 A.H. (1360 A.D.). He ascended the throne in 1389 A.D. He was warlike. fierce and an able commander. After hiss conquests in Roumelia, he overcame the principality of Karaman in Anatolia and put an end to the misdeeds of its ruler. He established a political unity in Asia Minor for the first time since the disintegration of the Selcuk State.

He then returned to Roumelia. conquered Thesalonica and enlarged the Ottoman boundaries as far as Wallace and Moldavia. After this, he turned back to lay siege to Constantinople. While the city was on the verge of collapse. Timur appeared on the scene and Bayezid had to lift the siege and move his armies to Anatolia to confront his enemy. He reorganized the Janissaries, changing and regulating their costumes, s0 that each division and rank had a special attire and head gear. Bayezid was surnamed "Thunderbolt" on account of the speed with which he attacked his enemies. At the same time, he had a keen sense of justice.

Bayezid 1 was a tall and imposing man; he had a strong neck. a complexion of a reddish white hue. black eyebrows joined together, a thick moustache and a golden beard. His chin was straight and he was ram-nosed. He spoke with a powerful voice and his shout resembled a thunderstorm.

He wore clothes of brocade with a white loose neck and his turban was coiled and wound round a gold embroidered üsküf. He received a great amount of money from taxation so that the treasury became very rich. Regular pay was distributed to the soldiers for the first time during his reign.