Sultan Murad Hüdevendigar Han


Father: Sultan Orhan Bey
Mother: Nilüfer Hatun
Date of Birth: 1326
Accession to the Throne: 1360
Death: 1389

He was born in 716 A.H. (1316 A.D.). His tutor was Lala Şahin Pasha and he ascended the throne in the year 761 A.H. (1360 A.D.). His son, Savci Bey, rebelled against him while he was on an expedition to Wallace. He retumed and quelled this rising immediateıy. After this incident, a law was passed forbidding crown princes to be appointed as viziers or grand viziers.

Kara Halil reorganized the tax system and founded the Office of State Revenue (Ganaim-i Miri), and in this way the collection of tax and tribute followed legal procedures. As a result, for the first time in Ottoman History, the income of the Treasury with which many public constructions, such as the arsenal was put up, was greater than its expenses. Murad 1 is also responsible for establishing the Janissary Corps. During his reign, we see the evolution of the Ottoman governmental and military organization.

A handsome and brave man, having the soul of a dervish. he was indifferent to worldly matters. He was also good natured. He was of middling height, with strong and long arms. a high and broad chest and fleshly fingers. He had a full round face with bluish-gray eyes, thick black eye brows that joined together, large teeth, a ram-nose, a thin beard and thick long mustache.