Mound Tumulus and Monuments

Karakuş Tumulus (Women's Monument Tomb): Located at Adıyaman-Kahta enterance in south-west of the National Park ,the Monumental Tomb was built by Commagene's King Mithradates II and was dedicated to his mother Isas. Because of the symbol of eagle on the top of the columns, it was named as Karakuş(black bird) Tumulus. There were four columns in each east, west and south directions, however today only two at east, one at west and one at south remain. On the east columns are ruins of lion and eagle statues, on the west columns ,on the other hand, grounds a relief of 'shaking hands' and on the ground remain pieces of lion statue. Karakuş Tumulus determined as the entrance of Mt Nemrut is also located in the National Park.

Sofraz Tumulus: 45 km to the city centre and 15 km to Besni country. Placed at Üçgöz (Sofraz) village. The Tomb having 15 m height was covered by shattered stones and debris.

Sesönk (Obelisk): The Monumental tomb is located at 33 km south-east of Besni district and was built by Commagene's King Mithradates II on Kızıldağ Mountain.The tomb was surrounded by 3 columns, each having 10 meters height. On these columns are embossed figures of women, men and lions .

Karadağ Tumulus: 5 km from Adıyaman ,Karadağ Tumulus lies on the slope of Karadağ Mountain . It has a rock tomb consisting of two sections.

Beştepeler: 25 km from Adıyaman, inside the Ilıcak village borders are 6 tumulus tombs that are covered by hoarded stones. It is estimated that these tombs were built for royal family members of Commagene Kingdom .

Malpınarı Rock Inscription: Located approximately 35 kilometres from Adıyaman at the Malpınar locality. There is a hieroglyph inscription engraved on natural rock and settlements carved on rocks, which are all dated to the late Hittite Period.