Writer (b. 1872, Baghdad – d. 13 August 1934, İstanbul). He graduated from Galatasaray High School and the Civil Service School (1894). After working at the Foreign Affairs Translation Department (1911-12), he taught Arabic at Galatasaray High School (1912-14), worked at the Ministry of Education Translation Association (1914-15), then started teaching philosophy, logic, morality and theology at the Faculty of Literature until it was closed (1915-33). Ahmet Naim, who was a member of the senate during the war years, wasn’t given a new post at the newly established university.

Naim, who started his life of writing with the translations he made from Arabic in the Scientific Wealth review, published most of his articles in reviews such as Sebilürreşad, Mecmua-i Ebuzziya and İçtihad. He became one of the leading Muslim intellectuals with his articles and books that advocated Moslem union against racism and the Moslem belief against materialism. His grave is in Edirnekapı Cemetery.


Sarf-ı Arabîye Mahsus Temrinat (Exercises in Arabic Grammar, 1898-99), Hikmet Dersleri (Wisdom Lessons, 1912), Felsefe Dersleri (Philosophy Lessons, 1914-15), İslâm'da Dâvây-ı Kavmiyyet (The Cause of Belonging to a Nation in Islam, 1916, with the name of Nationalism in Islam, 1991), Ahlâk-ı İslâmiye Dersleri (Lessons of the Morality of Islam, 1924, with the name Principals of Islamic Morality, 1995), Tevfik Fikret'e Dair (Regarding Tevfik Fikret, 1918), İlmü'n Nefs (The Knowledge of Spirit, translation from Georges Fonsyrive, 1916-17), Hadis-î Erbaîn Tercümesi (Translation of the Forty Hadis* of Mohammed) Sahih-i Buharî Muhtasarı Tecrid-i Sarih Tercümesi (Brief Translation of Clear Abstraction of Sahih-i Buhari*, I-II volumes, 1928, III-XII. volumes were translated by Kâmil Miras).