Storywriter (b. 18 January 1966, İstanbul). Her full name is Müge İplikçi-Çakır. She attended the Kadıköy Anatolian High School and later graduated from İstanbul University, Department of English Language and Literature. She completed her graduate studies on Popüler Kültür ve Kadın (Popular Culture and Women) at the Institute for Social Sciences Centre for Research on Women’s Studies, at the same university. She worked as a teacher of English at Kadıköy Anatolian High School and as a lecturer of Turkish at the State University of Ohio in the United States. She resumed her studies in İstanbul when she came back to Turkey.

She wrote stories in which she dealt with women’s problems, which were primarily published in the reviews Adam Öykü, Varlık etc. With her works, she collected the Yaşar Nabi Nayır Young Writers Award in 1996 and was ranked third in the Haldun Taner Short Story Award in 1997.


SHORT STORY: Perende (Somersault, 1998), Columbus'un Kadınları (Women of Columbus, 2000), Arkası Yarın (To Be Continued, 2001), Fırat'a Karışan Öyküler (Stories Thrown into the River Euphrates, book written with the collaboration of fifteen storywriters, with designs by Tan Oral, 2001), Transit Yolcular (Transit Passengers, 2002), On Üç Büyülü Öykü-13 Yazar, 13 Öykü (Thirteen Magical Stories-13 Authors, 13 Stories, 2002).

NOVEL: Kül ve Yel (The Ash and Wind, 2004).

ESSAY-RESEARCH: Cımbızın Çektikleri (What the Tweezers Plucked Out, with Ümran Kartal, 2002), Yıkık Kentli Kadınlar (The Women of the Ruined City, 2002).