Art historiographer (b. 13 July 1923, İstanbul). Her full name is Hatice Nazan İpşiroğlu. She was the wife of Mazhar Şevket İbşiroğlu, an art historiographer and philosopher and is the mother of the critic Zehra İbşiroğlu. She studied philosophy and art history at İstanbul University. She studied piano at İstanbul Municipality Conservatory and harpsichord and chamber music at the Freiburg School of Music.

In addition to her art history studies that she carried out with her husband, for over twenty years she gave concerts with İstanbul University’s Baroque Music Group, of which she was one of the founders and which was formed to introduce harpsichord and Baroque Music that was little known in Turkey in the 1970s. After she lost her husband (1985), she was appointed to the Association in Support of Contemporary Living in the field of education. In more recent years she has studied on the excessiveness of boundaries and the interaction of the arts, especially the interaction of music and pictures.


Avrupa Sanatında Gerçek Duygusu (Sensation of Reality in European Art, 1972), Oluşum Süreci İçinde Sanatın Tarihi (History of Art in the Formation Process, with M. Ş. İbşiroğlu), Sanatta Devrim (Revolution in Art, with M. Ş. İbşiroğlu), Düşünmeye Çağrı (Invitation to Thinking, with M. Ş. İbşiroğlu), Kök Atatürkçülük (Original Kemalism, with M. Ş. İbşiroğlu), Resimde Müziğin Etkisi (Influence of Music on Picture, 1994), Sanattan Güncel Yaşamama, Resimde Alımlama Boyutları ve Çeşitleri (Capacity, Dimension and Variety in Pictures, Daily Life from Art), 20. Yüzyıl Sanatında J. S. Bach (J. S. Bach in 20th Century Art, 2002).

In addition to these, she has prepared several books for publication.