The Dark Church

The Dark Church
Cradle vaulted rectangular nartex of the church is reached via a curved ladder in the north. In the south of the nartex, there is a grave. The church is in cross plan, the arms of the cross are cross vaulted, its center is domed, has four columns and three absissa.

The reason of its being named as Karanlık (Dark) Church is its taking a very small amount of light from a small window in the nartex part. For this reason, the colors in the frescos are very lively.

The church and the nartex have rich ornaments including the Bible and Christ syclus. Furthermore, as in Elmalı and Çarıklı Churches, scenes taken from the Torah are pictured. The church is dated to the end of 11th century and the beginning of the 12th century.

Scenes: Deesis, joyful tiding, journey to Beytüllahim, birth, worship of three astrologers, bastism, resurrection of Lazarus, conversion, entrance to jerusalem, last dinner, betrayal, Christ on cross, Christ's going down to hell, women in front of the empty grave, blessing and charging of the disciples, rising of Christ to sky, hospitality of Prophet Abraham, burning three Jew young men and saint pictures.