Ankara - The Museum of T.C. Ziraat Bankası

The Museum which was inaugurated by Sadi Irmak, The Prime minister of the time, on November 20th, 1981 during the 118th anniversary celebrations of the Bank in the Head Office Building that had been designed by the Italian architect Guilion Mangeri between the years 1926-1929 and belonged to the First National Architecture Term is the First and unique Bank Museum of our country.

The petitions written and sealed by Mithat Pasha on December, 12th 1280 and on the Seventh Lunar Month, 19th, 1281 to be presented to Grand Vizierate in relation to the foundation of the Cooperative District Funds, the regulation of transition of "Cooperative District Funds" into T.C Ziraat Bankası dated 3-15 August 1304 (1888), the letters and documents written during the foundation of the Loan Institution (1868) and an account page numbered 1, which belonged to Mithat Pasha, the president of the council of state are among the oldest documents of the Museum Collection.

Iron hooped partitioned coffers made of harmbear or pine of the same standart measures and shapes, which were used at the Şarköy and Tavas Cooperative District Funds which were opened in the years 1863 and 1897; a nail furnished coffer which is used from 1889, the year of Sivrihisar Cooperative Fund opening; the iron coffer from Bergama Branch, calculators and typewriters and a crystal ink-pot set used in the Head Office Building and at the Branches, phones, various Bank door signboards are some of the worthy belongings exhibited.

Official Bank seals of some of the branches, samples of seals of the authorized staff in the branches (1890-1930), daybooks belonging to some branches which were used in 1889 and the following years, the main cash book and some other daily documents have been exhibited in the museum.
"The Harvest", a work of an artist İbrahim Çallı's, 4.50x5.00m in size was painted specially for the Bank in 1928; and another painting belonging to Namık İsmail called "Gazi Mustafa Kemal Between the Farmers" painted in 1928 of 4.50x5.00m dimensions are on the walls of the Museum. Furthermore, portraits of Mithat Pasha and Atatürk, plus some works of the Republican Time Artist are placed in the Museum Collection.

Banknote samples and Coins of Ottoman times and of the early years of the proclamation of Republic (1839-1938) protected by the Çorum-Osmancık Branch Staff are going to enrich the collection in the future.

Besides a golden tray and a sickle used at the opening of the Head Office Building, samples of charters and medallions presented to the Bank by various institutions and foundations, historical inspections books, inspections reports, a list of signatures, about 60-70 years old communication copy books which were used instead of photocopy machines we use today, samples of account books used for savings accounts and deposits, receipts and check stubs (1903), some books related with purchases and sales of old, books showing the quantity of quinine, a contractor book documenting the past are among the collection of the Museum.